If you’ve made it this far, you’ve got a basic understanding of Sioux Falls, how we got here, the people who live here, how the government functions, what we do for fun and the many community resources available.

So, what next?

Consider this the skeleton of information about Sioux Falls and the forces that shape it. And the rest?

Look to local news.

Local journalists (yours truly included) work day in and day out to follow an ever-shifting community in real time. That means paying attention to everything from who’s running for a seat on the City Council to the ongoing housing crisis to the thousands of kids in town who don’t have a place to go after school.

Following local news — like Sioux Falls Simplified — can help you feel smarter about these topics, so when it comes time to take action, you know what your options are.

Civic engagement starts with information, and you can count on Sioux Falls Simplified to bring smart, easy-to-understand information about the city, local elections, schools, community trends, health care and local events.

How to follow Sioux Falls Simplified

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Here are some other local news outlets

Sioux Falls Simplified’s mission is to make it easier for you to feel smart about the forces that shape Sioux Falls. But no one news outlet can tell every story in town.

These outlets are also worth checking out for different perspectives and an overall more comprehensive look at the goings on in Sioux Falls: ƒ

  • If you prefer to read in print: follow the Argus Leader newspaper. ƒ
  • If you want your news on TV: follow Keloland and Dakota News Now. ƒ
  • If you want statewide news: follow South Dakota News Watch. ƒ
  • If you want local business news: follow SiouxFalls.Business. ƒ
  • If you want feel-good community news: follow Pigeon605. ƒ
  • If you want entertainment and culture news: follow 605 Magazine.

Thank you

This Welcome Guide wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many people.

Thank you, first, to the Google News Initiative for the funding that made this guide possible. Thank you to the Multi-Cultural Center for help with translation.

Thank you to Kirstie Wollman for this beautiful design, Ngoc Thach for marketing help, Danielle Ferguson for writing, research and editing help, Serge van Neck for his photography, and to my husband, Royal Sonsalla, for being a very patient person while I stressed for months about pulling this project off.

Thanks to you, too, for reading this. I hope you found it helpful.

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