Simplified: This weekend is Small Business Saturday, a day to support local businesses and keep your holiday shopping close to home. Here's what to know about the importance of shopping locally.

Why it matters

  • Shopping local keeps money here in Sioux Falls. If you're spending dollars at a small business, that business owner will put those dollars back into the community, according to Jennie Doyen, vice president of member services for the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce.
  • Local businesses rely on the support of the community to stay afloat. Lisa Esser, owner of Papa Woody's Wood Fired Pizza, said that helping keep the lights on at her restaurant also keeps the lights on at home.
  • While larger corporations and big box stores kick off holiday shopping with Black Friday, don't forget the local businesses, which will usually have a comparable option to anything you're finding online, Doyen said.
"Most of the time you're going to be able to find a local provider, a local retailer, maybe restaurant, where you can get that product," Doyen said. "And if you can buy it locally, all the better."

How else can I support local businesses?

If you've already finished your holiday shopping or don't have the money to spend, Doyen said there's still a few ways to support local businesses. Here's some ideas:

  • Share recommendations with friends for good local businesses or services
  • Follow and engage with them on social media
  • Write a review on a local businesses's website or Google page
  • Esser also said that some local businesses have online shopping options, and that still counts as supporting small.  
"You are living in these communities," Jaime Wood, the district director for the US Small Business Administration said. "You're employing people in these communities, and you depend on the receipts. So this is that time of year where holiday shopping is critical and making the choice to shop small is even more critical."

Where can I find local places to support?

The Chamber has a list of locally-owned member businesses to get you started.

  • Local businesses include more than retail spaces or boutiques. You can still support local by finding a contractor, dentist, or even a bank in the area, Doyen said.
"We all are one unit," Esser said. "And if one of us fails, I think we take it personally that we're all failing."