Simplified: Sioux Falls voters rejected a measure to raise the salary for mayor and city councilors on Tuesday. Meanwhile, they approved a separate measure to give council more authority over the city attorney.

Why it matters

  • Voters weighed in on two ballot measures in Tuesday's municipal election.
  • These measures are how the city charter is amended. A 'yes' vote on the amendment changes the city charter.
  • About 56 percent of voters approved a measure to give City Council the option to remove the city attorney if six or more members agree. That'll change the charter.
  • The measure that failed would have increased the mayor's salary to $165,000 per year – up from the current $137,800. It also would've upped councilor salaries from $20,670 to $24,750.

What happens next?

The measure that passed – Amendment B – will be effective 30 days after the election results are canvassed. That's likely mid-May.