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This week, I fully geeked out about voter turnout data – mostly because I couldn't believe how few people turned out for the April 9 election.

  • I could've very easily written about how even as Sioux Falls' population (and number of registered voters) grows, fewer and fewer individuals turn out to vote, but I basically already told that story two years ago. So, I decided instead to focus on where people are and aren't voting. Maybe that'll help provide clarity or lead to new questions or something. Maybe? Who knows.
    • Either way, we get to do this all over again on April 30 for the runoff election!

You'll also find a bunch of Super Simplified Stories, learn how to win Pink tickets on your apartment search and catch a round-up of upcoming local events.

And now, news:


Did your neighbors turn out to vote?

Simplified: Overall voter turnout for the Sioux Falls city and school election earlier this month was 7.7% – the lowest turnout in a municipal election in recent history, per city data. Sioux Falls Simplified analyzed precinct-level voter turnout data to see which neighborhoods saw the most – and least – folks going out to vote.

person holding blue and white UNK pin back button
Photo by Jennifer Burk / Unsplash

Why it matters

  • Voter turnout data shows us who is making decisions about local government officials – who then, in turn, make decisions that affect everyone who lives in Sioux Falls.
  • Looking at the data is also the first step in forming hypotheses as to why the election results came out the way they did. It allows us as a community to start asking more targeted questions about why more people didn't turn out to vote, what barriers may be in place, where more information might be needed, etc.
  • The voter turnout data is also particularly interesting this year because we'll all get another chance to turn up at the polls. The at-large City Council race resulted in a runoff between candidates Richard Thomason and Jordan Deffenbaugh, so even if you (or your neighbors) didn't make it to the polls on. April 9, you'll get another shot on April 30.

Where did people turn out to vote the most? And least?

Get the details here.


How your apartment search can score you tickets to Pink

This is a paid piece from Lloyd Companies.

Simplified: Lloyd Companies is hosting a Parade of Apartments on Saturday, April 27, and they're offering chances to win hundreds of dollars in prizes – as well as a pair of tickets to see Pink at the Denny Sanford Premier Center. Here's what you need to know.

Why it matters

  • The Parade of Apartments will feature more than 40 properties, with options from luxury to affordable, intended to fit whatever your personalized needs are. That includes apartments, townhomes and lofts throughout the Sioux Falls area.
  • You can tour properties both in-person and online. Lloyd property managers and leasing agents will be available on-site to answer any questions you have and provide one-on-one support in your search.
  • Also, many of the properties available include amenities like access to a clubhouse with rentable event-space, fitness centers, and pools – as well as on-site property managers and maintenance staff who are available 24/7 to help you.
"It really is maintenance-free living," Director of Operations Lindsey Eisma said.

Tell me more about the available prizes


Super Simplified Stories

  • Return of parade candy. City Council on Tuesday voted to advance a proposal to repeal the ban on giving out candy and balloons during parades. The ban was initially passed in 1996 due to safety concerns. It now moves for final approval on May 7.
  • Just Home partners with Helpline. Minnehaha County Commissioners on Tuesday approved a service agreement with the Helpline Center to help track data on the Just Home project, which helps find housing for people who've been impacted by the justice system. Learn more about that project here.
  • Details coming on aquatics bond. Mayor Paul TenHaken and Parks Director Don Kearney are expected to share more details this week on an upcoming aquatics bond to fund new pools and, likely, a new indoor recreation center. I'll have more on that in Friday's issue.


Stuff to do: April 17-23

  • Celebrate Earth Day. Start your day Saturday by giving back to Mother Nature with the annual Big Sioux River Clean-Up event hosted by Friends of the Big Sioux River. Then hop over to Remedy and grab a Big Sioux Brew – a German pilsner made with purified river water. Details here.
  • Celebrate Record Store Day. Stock up on vinyls and good vibes on Saturday. Last Stop will have the Black Iris coffee truck and video game tournaments from Siouxpercon at its 10th Street location. Total Drag will be partying with the Salas Salsas food truck and Green Dream t-shirts, and Ernie November has dozens of special releases.
  • Celebrate adopted animals. The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is hosting its annual 'Paws to Celebrate' event on Saturday with a night of fun, food and fundraising. Learn more about the event here, and snag tickets here.
  • Celebrate springtime. Sweetgrass Soapery is hosting a plant swap on Saturday in partnership with the Common Roots Seed Library. Bring your plants and seeds to the downtown shop between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. More here.
  • Celebrate young artists. Whittier Middle School is teaming up with the Little Stone Church and the Sioux Falls Arts Council for the annual heART of the City art show on Friday – featuring 2D, 3D and wearable art created by artists of all ages. More details here.


What I'm falling for this week:


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